The Surly long Haul trucker disc has become a popular bike, we have sold more than ever this year. OYLC  has sold touring bikes before, really cool custom ones in fact and the coolest thing about them are the stories. We always hear passionate tales of  the road and about characters along the way.  Most cyclist I would assume have dreamed of quitting their day job and riding across country one day. That dream sounds pretty awesome, even from a guy who works in a bike shop.

A few months ago Daniel, (If you have been to the Holy grale ( my vote for Best burger in Louisville) or the Louisville Beer store You will probably say” I know that guy,”) decided to utilize his Surly and is currently trekking across the USA and taking a path many beer enthusiast would love to take. You can Follow him hime online and even buy him beer and food. Chances are since this is Louisville and all that he will be back in town and what better way to start a conversation than how was brew voyage? Cheers to Daniel and all the cyclist who ride.

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