We had the chance to ride SRAM’s new eTAP wireless shifting today! Expectations were high for the heavily anticipated product. The first thing you take note of is how the shifting is different than any bike you’ve ever been on. The shifters feature a single button which is very large and easy to press, even in thick gloves. The right shifter drops down to the higher gears and the left shifter shifts up to your lower gears. To make a front derailleur shift, simply hit both buttons and it alternates between the two front rings. There is a battery for the front and rear derailleur. In the event a battery dies you can easily swap batteries to have use of one or the other.

The hoods feature a very ergonomic design along with reach adjust to fit any hand. Another extremely cool feature is the Blip satellite shifters that allow you to shift easily from atop the handlebar. We found this to be a really nice addition to the group, especially people who ride on the bar more often. The group shifted incredibly fast and quiet. We really liked how you can feel the shift. After a short ride on eTAP, we can’t stop thinking about having it on our personal bikes. Kits are available and shipping now if you are interested in upgrading your bike! We would love to set your ride up with SRAM’s new technology.