The Spark 900 Premium is a 29″ wheeled full suspension HMX carbon fiber bike loaded with the best components available. The Spark features a tapered head tube for increased stiffness, safety, confidence, and control. It’s the perfect partner for marathons, stage races, and all day fun.

The standout feature is the Twin Loc System. The patented Twin Loc technology offers simultaneous control of rear shock travel and fork lockout. The open position allows full travel, front and rear. One click switches to medium mode, allowing for a stiffer set up better suited for climbing. Click again and rear shock and fork lock at the same time. No other bike in the world comes stock with this user friendly system. It is simply the most efficient suspension design available, especially for our trail which are non stop up and down. It is the ultimate competitive advantage. Most riders won’t take the time to manually flip the switch on their shock, but you have the ability to do it effortlessly from your handlebar!

The Fox/Scott designed Nude shock is a completely new shock with an improved air spring and damping system. The shock possesses a more progressive damping curve and mode sensitive damping than its predecessor. This means that both travel modes have separate damper settings relative to their travel length and effective forces. When collecting data for the Spark project, they also calculated rider input data, including forces such as the rider’s gyro-scoping pedal stroke and its effects on the suspension. Scott simulated a rider’s pedaling and jerky motions made to clear obstacles, and measured their influence on the suspension. Many other designs assume that a rider is static and coasting, or they only include acceleration forces on the suspension and drivetrain. Scott is more concentrated on suspending the movement of the rider instead of negating pedaling forces.

Swing by and take this cross country machine for a test ride, we even have demo bikes that you can take on the trail! For those looking for smaller wheels, it is also available in a 27.5″ option!