Looking for a tt/triathlon bike? Here’s the best deal in town! The Scott Plasma 20 retails for $3499, and we can give offer a discount so big you won’t believe it! Swing by the shop and we can fill you in on this amazing deal.

The Plasma 20 is the perfect time trial/triathlon bike for riders that are new to the sport and looking to gain a competitive advantage without breaking the bank. Drafting isn’t allowed in this cycling discipline, for that reason Scott has designed this bike to be as aerodynamic as possible. Aero-bars put you in a position that will give you the most power and avoid wind resistance. A steeper seat tube angle to take stress off of the hamstrings in order to save them for the run. The lightweight carbon frame was built with ergonomics in mind, you have the ability to run a taller stem for triathlons or put it in the lower setting for time trials. There is lot of room for adjustment on the seatpost to get the seat in the perfect position for power transfer and comfort. Scott’s design process and countless hours spent on R&D make this one of the best bikes available for competitive racer!