One particularly often overlooked item on a customer”s mountain bike maintenance list is pivot service. If you have a full-suspension bike, it is designed and outfitted with pivot points that connect the rear triangle to the front via bushings or bearings. Regardless of how many bearings/bushings your bike has, this is another serviceable part of your bike, even crucially so to it’s proper operation.

Depending on your bike, we should be able tell you what to not only watch out for between service intervals, but when those intervals are likely to occur depending on your riding style and conditions. Again, depending on your bike and shock variety, you could be looking at bearing or bushing pivots, sometimes both. The key to avoiding pivot wear is keeping your bike as clean as possible while avoiding any excessive usage of harmful chemicals and especially pressure washing. The good news is that On Your Left Cycles is a full service shop, and we are likely to have the bearings and bushings stocked and ready for your repair which keeps your bike out on the trail with less time in the shop. Swing by the shop and let us show you how much better a bike feels going through it’s travel once serviced!

pivot maintenance