The race for the ultimate dropper post heavily resembles the space race. You have the U.S. (Fox) and the USSR (Bike Yoke) that have changed the game when it comes to what a reliable dropper post can actually be. It was only a matter of time before someone else gave them a run for their money(less money at that), enter the new contender from One up…


More drop = More fun. The further out of the way you can get your saddle on downhills the more confidence you’ll have and the harder you can ride. The shortest stack height of any dropper, period. No other post gets your saddle lower. And with the shortest effective length of any equivalent travel post on the market, most riders can now upgrade their 125mm or 150mm post to a 170mm OneUp dropper.


Don’t get stuck between dropper sizes. The unique OneUp travel adjust shims allow you to custom tune your post by lowering the travel and extended length of your post by as much as 50mm in any increment you like. Want an oh so fashionable 128.99mm drop? You got it! Drop tuning can be done on-bike, tool free and without removing the saddle or touching a shock pump. Lowering the post travel also increases bushing overlap, which is great for heavier riders.

170mm Dropper Post – adjustable* down to 120mm

150mm Dropper Post – adjustable* down to 100mm