The Ripley from Ibis seems to have been a long time in the making. Between a production factory switch and throwing everything at this frame design aside from reinventing the wheel, it’s no wonder. From what we can tell, and what many of the unlimited online reviews state, it was worth every bit of the wait. Abiding by the immortal words of somebody out there, nothing rings more true in regard to the Ripley than “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

Sure the Ripley looks like a new wave mountain bicycle rocket ship ready for blast off to Mars, but the bike actually rides quite traditionally. I got to test one a few months back and was amazed by how well the bike climbed thanks to the popular DW link suspension design. The 120mm of travel make it super confidence inspiring when pointed downhill. Big wheels and more travel = more fun! At any rate, with 17.5″ chain stays you are left with ample tire clearance as well as some not so ordinary full suspension 29r features as a straight seat tube, a swing arm mounted front derailleur and you’ve even got room for a frame mounted water bottle depending on your cage and bottle choice . If you’re wondering, the swing arm derailleur mount provides more tire and suspension clearance as well as allowing the derailleur to follow the chain throughout the suspension travel for more consistent shifting throughout your ride.

Much of the way this bike rides is of course a direct account for the thought process that went into the suspension of the Ripley. Ibis feels 120mm of travel is the 29r sweet spot. The frame design also accommodates up to 140mm of fork travel for more aggressive terrain while the updated eccentric DW-link provides traditional XC style acceleration and excellent small bump compliance, predictable travel through the 120mm range with no wallowing or harsh bottom out. We are excited to announce that we are now a IBIS dealer and look forward to working with them!