Well into 2015 now, we feel it’s about time to post our thoughts on Campagnolo’s 2015 Record group set. As with Super Record and even Chorus, with the new year Campy brought about some significant overhauls, some more dramatic than others.

Upon initial inspection you’re most likely to notice the cranks use a four arm spider, similar to newer Shimano groups. A couple particularly positive aspects to this new four arm design is the use of the same bolt circle diameter for both compact and standard chain rings, which also results in a stiffer spider and crank arm with the added aspect of hidden bolt heads. Probably the next item most people notice would be aspects of the Ergopower levers: while they retain the same ergonomics, they are designed to fit more smoothly with a larger spectrum of handlebar shapes and the brake lever hoods are made of a natural silicone, varying in thickness and surface texture for improved grip and comfort. Add to that, new front lever commands come in terms of a two click operation now downshift to the small chain ring, while a third shift is used for trim. Shifting into the big ring requires three clicks, but no need to trim. This is intended to eliminate chain drop and rub, though may take a little getting used to.

When it comes to the derailleurs, there are some great improvements with both front and rear derailleurs. On the front, a longer arm, also much like that of the new generation of Shimano derailleurs, provides more leverage to move the cable, making the action at the lever easier. Improvements on the rear derailleur allow the chain to run closer to the cassette, wrapping more chain around the cogs, which not only results in longer life for both chain and cassette, but also ensures shifting is as smooth in the larger cassette cogs as in the small.