It’s hard to think about not being able to go to a store and get that hard to find CD you’ve been wanting. Louisville’s famous Ear x Tacy needs a little support to get through tough times and the age of digital music. We can remember the first time we stepped foot inside the huge store containing any type of music you could ever wish for. Music has always been a very good motivator when getting out and riding. If you have a little extra cash stop in and pick a cd up. We suggest Black Mountain, The Builders and the Butchers, and Grizzly Bear since they’re the newest cd’s being played in the shop recently. We’ve also had Radiohead’s OK Computer on heavy repeat, deffinently a must have. The Louisville Dirt Club is selling a frame which the sales will go to purchasing new cd’s, you can even help John pick the tunes.


We found this over at F**k gas list of the ten coolest roads to ride on earth. Be prepared to see some of the most amazing roads ever!


Profile Racing has made quality bmx components for years. They make the best bmx crank sets in the business and were the first company to offer a bmx cassette hub. Now they’re producing Fixed gear hubs out of their St. Petersburg Florida machine shop. The 32 hole set below rolls on sealed bearings,has ti bolts, and one of the thickest lock rings ever.