Ibis has updated the geometry for their extremely popular Ripley 29er’ trail bike. The LS stand for long and slack. As you guessed, the top tube is now 1/2″ longer and the head angle went from 69.2 degrees to 67.5 for more stability at high speed steep descents. The old version is still available but it’s nice to have an offering for those who want a bike that is a little more aggressive. The suspension design is still the incredibly efficient DW link that allows for easy climbing.

Ibis offers several different build options to fit your budget. This particular bike consist of Sram Guide brakes, a SRAM 1×11 group, and RaceFace cranks. Wheels are top notch for this ride, Dt hubs are laced up to IBIS super wide 41mm carbon rim. You push down on the pedals and this bike moves!