Got to build up a sweet green Industry Nine hub today. Super smooth sealed bearings and 120 points of quick engagement make this one of the best hubs available.


Here’s the first bike of the Norco 2011 line to arrive at the shop. The VFR 4 is constructed of double butted 7005 aluminum tubing that makes for a nice light bike. Alloy rims and stainless steel spokes make it ideal for commuting and will allow you to not worry about anything rusting. GT bicycles used to make a bmx bike called the dyno vfr, kids always said that it stood for Very Fast Ride. That sums up the Norco version pretty well too, a nice comfortable bike for a very fair price at $355

If you’ve been considering the idea of commuting to work this would be a perfect bike for you. Click this link to find out how much money you can save a month by riding a bicycle. It’s very fast and easy thanks to our distibutor QBP, just click the link and scroll to the middle of the page to find out how much you can save and how much better it is for the enviroment.


Christmas is right around the corner and we are the best shop in town to find a BMX bike at. We can order from several different BMX brands that you can view on our product page and we regularly stock bikes from Fit Bike Co. Below we have a Verde Eon built for a beginning rider on a budget. The 25/9 compact drivetrain keeps your chain out of harms way during grinds and the overall lightweight of the bike make it easy to throw around.