After years of riding Shimano SPD’s it was time for mee to make a switch. I constantly come up clicked when laying the bike sideways, I needed something that had more of a secure feel. The HT T1 also features a larger platform which I’ve found myself liking more. A 92 x 68mm aluminum platform provides a slightly larger landing pad to aim for when trying to find them again after unclipping, and the two replaceable pins on each side are intended to add even more grip. The pedals have a chromoly or Titanium spindle and use HT’s EVO+ bearing system, which relies on a bushing, a needle bearing, and a small thrust bearing mechanism to keep them spinning smoothly.

The spring-loaded clip-in mechanism is HT’s own design, they aren’t SPD-compatible so you will have to use their supplied cleats. You have the option of X1 cleats that provide 4 degrees of floator the X1F, that allows for 8-degrees of float. The pedals come with both for you to try out. Tension is adjusted via a 3mm hex bolt on each side, with possible settings ranging from “nice and snug” to “I’m basically duct taped to my pedals” There’s a ton of spring tension if you want it, almost twice the amount of what Shimano offers. While riding, the T1’s are easy to clip into, with a reassuring “snap” that let’s you know it’s time to pedal. The side to side action is very smooth as you twist your foot on the pedal. After months of riding these I can say I’m really happy with them and have made the transition on all of my bikes.