Brakes are one of the most important components on your bike, after all the quicker you can stop means the faster you can go! Here’s something a little different than the usual suspects you have become familiar with seeing at the trailhead. Hope has a long tradition of doing things differently, they produce all of their parts in the United Kingdom. One look at their brakes and you quickly notice the designers almost have an artistic approach when it comes to machining every part of their brake. The Tech 3 X2 brake is one of many in their line, this model is designed to be light enough for the cross country racer while also providing an impressive amount of stopping power. For the rider who likes to tinker… you have a beautiful CNC’d reach adjustment dial and bite point dial. Position the lever exactly where you want and adjust how quick the pads contact the rotor. The brakes are available in blk, purple, orange, blue, and red. As an added bonus, they’re a complete breeze to bleed!