I’m a picky little man when it comes to a lot of things. Shoes likely get extremely close to the top of that list, definitely below food, but could get tossed around equally with clothing, music and women. Additionally, I’m cheap and hate spending money. So keeping that in mind, understand that when I find a pair of shoes I like, they get worn almost non stop and completely run into the ground before they’re surrendered to the landfill. Something else I’ve learned in my trips around the sun is when you find one you love, much like a saddle, buy a couple of them because there’s a good chance they’ll stop making the thing you’ve grown so fond of right before you need another.

Now that you’ve taken your hard earned free time to read my rambling, let’s get to the point; the Giro Jacket is an amazing shoe that I’ll be sure to buying another pair or two of very promptly. They’re available in the requisite black for me as well as a slew of other color options for you not so subtle types. A few other details you may be so inclined to know is the Jacket features a Vibram rubber outsole that will grip your platform pedals insanely well. You can still adjust your foot on the pedal pretty easily. As you can see in the picture, this is a skate-style upper with a flat bottom. The upper also features a retention system to help keep your foot nice and snug, and finally the EVA in the midsole cushions against shock, and a Poron® XRD™ heel pad helps minimize the impact of hard landings and bailouts. We currently have a handful of sizes in stock and you can trust that if you’re in the market for a flat soled shoe, the Jacket will be worth taking a look at.

Testing: Derek used a pair for the entire year of riding last year. Mtn, Bmx, and Downhill, they worked great for every discipline. The sole is not crazy hard where you can’t feel your pedal, but not too soft where you bruise your heel every bail.

giro jacket