Van Homan is a rider who needs no introduction, if you’re unaware of his incredible career in bmx do yourself a favor and watch his Criminal Mischief video part in this link. It is one of, if not the best video parts of all time from one of BMX’s true legends. Now that the history lesson has concluded, let’s move onto this signature model from Fit Bikes. The 2019 homan is fit for the king himself, decked out with gold accents giving it a true custom feel. A 21″ chromoly frame, fork, and bars will allow you to throw down all the Van Homan inspired moves your heart desires. Feel free to tailwhip that fifteen set of stairs, this bike has a double wall rear rim so it can handle the big hits. Fit chose a more classic geometry for this complete making it a real jack of all trades. Street, dirt, park… do it all just like the legend himself!