Derailuer hanger alignment

Derailleur hanger alignment is a very common cause to shifting woes. While the above picture is an extreme case, luckily fixed as this particular frame did not have a replaceable hanger, even the slightest of bends or misalignment we’ll say, can cause major headaches when it comes to searching for the right gear in your cassette cluster. While accidents do happen, and we’re all prone to them, there’s one major mistake we see customers constantly make that can not only easily be avoided, but save you money in the process.

Never lean your bicycle against anything drive-side first. NEVER. Just think of it in cleanliness if need be. You wouldn’t lean your bike chain against the couch so don’t lean it against the wall, curb or even garbage can with the drive-side touching. Don’t even think of laying it on the ground that way either. Just stop. In the event of an accident resulting in a bent hanger, it happens, don’t try to bend it back and if you can, stop riding right away. You could do more damage and wind up costing yourself a lot more money. Once in the shop, we can assess the damage, provide an estimate on repair and have you back out pedaling as soon as possible.