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Stans Sealant Dried up?

stans balls

For riders using a tubeless tire system with sealant such as Stans you need to add more sealant every 2-4 months. Make sure you get these “stans balls” out of your tire and refill with new stans, we have plenty in stock if you need some and we can do it for you if you… Read more »

Changing housing…

cable replacement

Replacing your cables and housing will keep your bike shifting properly every ride. Housing gets clogged with dirt,mud, and water and keeps your cables from moving freely though the housing. Cables can also fray inside shifters and break in half causing some serious problems. The inner wire of the housing can blow through the ferrules… Read more »

Old brake fluid

brake fluid

Today’s tech tips is a very important one concerning your brakes. Below you will see new hydraulic fluid on the left and on the right is old fluid turned black. After a good year of heavy riding and many downhill runs, your brake fluid will break down and not work as well as it should…. Read more »

Worn disc brake pads

disc pads worn

We see a lot of bikes come in with extremely worn disc brake pads. Once they get to the point of the one on the left, it is time to re up. New pads will work better and make less noise. We check every mountain bike that comes through the door as this is something… Read more »

Drivetrain and pulley wear…

pulley wear

A worn out drivetrain will decrease your shifting performance and if not fixed can make your bike unrideable. Your chain and cassette should be checked for wear often, if not replaced you will experience skipping which can send your knee into the stem(ouch). Chain and cassettes usually need to be replaced at the same time… Read more »

Rusty cables…

rusty cables

Rusty cables are something you should regularly inspect your bike for. Not only do the decrease shifting performance, but they can break while out riding at any moment… a ticking timebomb. Avoid bad shifts and walking home by replacing them and the housing.

Clean the stanchions

clean fork stantion

We see a lot of bikes coming in with filthy stanchions and for today’s tech tip we are going to explain why it’s so important to clean them. Keeping your dust seals clean will help maintain the performance and life of your fork. After each ride wipe your upper tubes clean of dirt, water, mud,… Read more »

CO2 Cover

tech tip co2

Cut a section of tube and slip it over your Co2. No longer will you hear the annoying rattling sound from your seat bag and it’ll keep your hand from freezing when you use it.