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Disc Rotor Wear

disc rotor wear

Brakes not working like they use to? There’s a point when a rotor is too worn and needs to be replaced to perform properly. A worn rotor will typically be discolored and you can see it is thinner than a new one. We stock a good selection of rotors from multiple brands. Simply replace it… Read more »


sram etap 2

We had the chance to ride SRAM’s new eTAP wireless shifting today! Expectations were high for the heavily anticipated product. The first thing you take note of is how the shifting is different than any bike you’ve ever been on. The shifters feature a single button which is very large and easy to press, even… Read more »

Pivot Maintenance

pivot maintenance

One particularly often overlooked item on a customer”s mountain bike maintenance list is pivot service. If you have a full-suspension bike, it is designed and outfitted with pivot points that connect the rear triangle to the front via bushings or bearings. Regardless of how many bearings/bushings your bike has, this is another serviceable part of your… Read more »

Every cyclist needs this…

park tire boot

In the cycling world you have normal flats and then you have the ride ending massive blowout. Small pieces of glass or metal found on the road often create a small puncture in the tire. Most of the time you can just put a new tube in, air it up and get back on your… Read more »

Derailleur hanger alignment

Derailuer hanger alignment

  Derailleur hanger alignment is a very common cause to shifting woes. While the above picture is an extreme case, luckily fixed as this particular frame did not have a replaceable hanger, even the slightest of bends or misalignment we’ll say, can cause major headaches when it comes to searching for the right gear in your… Read more »

stanchion wear

stanchion wear

Reminder: changing the oil in your fork is very important. Same idea as your car, you will get better performance and longer life out of it. This is what happens when a fork is dry, the wipers get clogged with dirt and act like sand paper. Bring your bike by for a fork evaluation any… Read more »

Check your tires

check tires

Have you took a look at your tires lately? Tires like the one below can result in a really bad day, if your in need of some new rubber swing on by. We have tires to fit every type of bike.

Cleaning your rims

clean rims

Below you can see a major difference in the rim, on the right side is the brake pad residue encrusted surface. On the left is the newly re-surfaced side. We use a special Mavic rim stone to re-surface the entire rim followed by a cleaning from some rubbing alcohol. This will greatly increase your breaking… Read more »

FOX Float Rear Shock Service

fox rear shock service

Is your once amazing Fox Float rear shock not feeling as good as it use to? If so, it is time to have it serviced. For a very reasonable price we will replace the oil along with the o-rings and glide rings. That may mean nothing to you, but we guarantee you will notice a… Read more »

Replacing DU Bushings

du bushing service

Fox’s Float series of rear shocks are the most popular shock on bikes these days. They are very reliable, but one thing that commonly gets overlooked is replacing the DU bushings. Over time the PTFE coating (orange) wears out, this is when you will start to hear creaks.  Your fancy aluminum reducers will also start… Read more »