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FBM’s new “ride the lightning” may very well be the most bad ass pedal we’ve ever seen. These will make your bike meaner than Lars Ullrich’s hatred towards Napster. They iconic bmx brand also offers grips and a stem to match.


Save huge on Fit frames during the month of October! All frames are 25% off, this includes in stock and special orders!

Fit 2017 Bikes

The shop is filled with new 2017 complete Fit Bikes! In normal Fit fashion, they look incredible and the value is better than ever!  These bikes come in several different price options ranging from $360- $540 to allow for different budgets. The 2017 line of bikes features an increase of left hand drive options, several… Read more »

Profile Elite Hubs

The profile elite hubs have been on the market for over 5 years, but just as bike manufacturers work to constantly evolve frames, Profile have been constantly tweaking their hubs to keep up with an ever-changing market. And somehow, they’ve managed to improve upon their product every year. Features of the Profile Elite rear 10mm… Read more »

Profile Elite Cranks

Profile is a brand that has a somewhat cult following within the bmx community. And with a reputation that spans over 50 years, you know their products will stand the test of time. Their cranks are no exception here. Stiff, sturdy, and eye catching, the Elite Cranks are packaged in a keepsake metal box with… Read more »

Madera Celestial stem

This new Madera stem is out of this world! Freshen up your ride with Madera’s new galaxy edition of parts. They also offer cranks, sprocket, and hubs to match!

Stolen Heist

It’s truly amazing how good bmx bikes look these days! The Stolen Heist has the appearance typically only seen on custom bikes that sell for five times the price of this bargain! Sealed bearings in the hubs, cranks, and headset make this an incredible value! The chromoly main frame features one of the best looking… Read more »

Subrosa tiro

Check out the killer paint on this new Subrosa Tiro! This affordable bmx bike comes stocked with Shadow conspiracy and Rant parts. Several color options and a xl 21″ top tube option are available!

Salt oil slick sprocket

Here’s another option for the fans of the oil slick products! Give your bike a new look with this sprocket from Salt components, sister company of We The People.

Colony Freecoaster

Freecoasters are the norm in bmx these days with a majority of pros running them. Better designs have made these more reliable than ever. The Colony Freecoaster features sealed bearings for long life and you can adjust the amount of slack to your preference. Available in black or oil slick! Here’s a video illustrating how… Read more »