Category: BMX

Madera Celestial stem

This new Madera stem is out of this world! Freshen up your ride with Madera’s new galaxy edition of parts. They also offer cranks, sprocket, and hubs to match!

Stolen Heist

It’s truly amazing how good bmx bikes look these days! The Stolen Heist has the appearance typically only seen on custom bikes that sell for five times the price of this bargain! Sealed bearings in the hubs, cranks, and headset make this an incredible value! The chromoly main frame features one of the best looking… Read more »

Subrosa tiro

Check out the killer paint on this new Subrosa Tiro! This affordable bmx bike comes stocked with Shadow conspiracy and Rant parts. Several color options and a xl 21″ top tube option are available!

Salt oil slick sprocket

Here’s another option for the fans of the oil slick products! Give your bike a new look with this sprocket from Salt components, sister company of We The People.

Colony Freecoaster

Freecoasters are the norm in bmx these days with a majority of pros running them. Better designs have made these more reliable than ever. The Colony Freecoaster features sealed bearings for long life and you can adjust the amount of slack to your preference. Available in black or oil slick! Here’s a video illustrating how… Read more »

Eclat Fireball tires

You can’t beat a new set of tires, there’s not much else that really gives it that “new” feel like some fresh rubber on your wheels. Eclat fireball tires feature a special nylon layer that sits under the tread and help give the tire extra puncture protection, allowing you to cruise from spot-to-spot without having… Read more »

BMX/ single speed chains

Chain selection is all time at OYLC! Chains don’t last forever, it’s good to replace them every once in a while as they wear with heavy use. Avoid snapping your chain and the pain that comes with your face hitting the pavement!

Odyssey chain breaker

This is something every bmx rider needs! This cleverly designed chain breaker from Odyssey has an adjustable back plate to work with pretty much every chain out there. Miss a grind, smash your chain and the next thing you’ll be doing is walking home. Pick one up, you know it will come in handy sooner… Read more »


Fresh out of the box, the Fit Conway 2 and it’s copper parts package is easily one of the best looking complete bikes available. Sealed bearing hubs, cranks, and headset make this bike indestructible. A freecoaster hub gives you the ability to master every fakie trick of your dreams. Swing by and take it for… Read more »

BMX multi tool

If you ride bmx there will be countless times when you need to repair your bike or change a flat. Do yourself a favor and invest in some nice tools to avoid the inevitable headache that comes from splicing your chain back together. Be prepared and become a hero at the skatepark with this incredibly… Read more »