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Louisville loop meeting

OYLC was at this weekends Louisville Loop meeting at Lannan park. Mayor Greg Fischer presented new signs showing where to go and discussed future plans. The Louisville Bicycle Club was on hand to take cyclist on a tour of the Louisville Loop and pass out free helmets. Local chef and cyclist Jim Whaley cooked up… Read more »

Sneak Peak – Kona 12′ MinUte Prototype

The ultimate utilitarian asphalt bike, the much-coveted Kona Ute, is getting a more versatile, smaller wheelbase cousin in 2012, the all new MinUte. We recently got the first prototype bike delivered to our Kona USA headquarters in Ferndale, Washington, just to make sure everything was perfectly in place for riders looking to get the hustle… Read more »

More I9 hubs

I’ve been using Industry Nine’s hub set for a while now and am extremely happy with them. I feel they are the best hubs available for your mountain bike no matter what style of riding you do. They are easily adapted to different forks and frames by simply changing the axle ends. Large super smooth… Read more »

O’ Bannon Trail Weekend

Looking to get away next weekend? Make the short drive to O’ Bannon Woods for some trail maintenance, group rides, and camping. We will be donating some product to the volunteers for their hard work. Find out more info over at KYMBA. Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you have any… Read more »

New Smith Pivlock Glasses

New color combinations have arrived for the Pivlock v90,Colors like race green remind me of early 90’s colors with a modern twist, these glasses offer great coverage and weight next to nothing.2 additional lenses, clear and rose. Now you can look a life through rose colored lenses, seriously the color is nice for overcastdays. A… Read more »

Project Black and Yellow

We love custom bikes. We can’t say it enough, they are fun to piece together and build up. So the headline kinda gives it away, no foreshadowing here. The goal of this bike is build a comfortable road bike and to make it black and yellow. The chassis is a Gunnar roadie with a steel… Read more »

Norco VFR 1

Looking for a way to cut back on fuel cost? Ride your bike to work and save . The Norco VFR 1 is the perfect bike for saving some pennies and getting some excersise while enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. The VFR 1 is a perfect bike for the rider who wants the lightness… Read more »

Fizik test saddles in stock

Below is the Fizik Aliante, Arione and the Antares. One of toughest question to answer is” what is the best saddle?” That is an extremely hard question to answer, it’s different person to person. My personal favorite is the Aliante. So If you are on a personal quest to find what works for you  come in… Read more »

Chris King R45 Hub tool

Growing up my father always said there was a”right tool for the job”.  We just received our R45 hub service tool, we now can perform a full service on them.  Chris King has been making incredibly reliable and highly serviceable parts for many years. This is a nice addition to the classic hub service tool… Read more »

Surly robin egg blue cross check

The Cross Check is a cyclocross bike by category, but is designed for a lot of versatility. You can build this frame with gears or as a singlespeed or fixed-gear. You can ride it on the road or off. It’s got lots of space for fat tires and for fenders. It does as good a… Read more »