Fiend Seat & Handlebars

feind seat

Here are some new offerings from the Fiend crew. The seat is simple and clean pivotal with minimal branding. Classic Fat Capital shape with a tough yet grippy, tear-resistant 3-panel cover. The Pivotal patch is the only color accent and is available with a gray, lime green, blood red or purple Fiend logo. Weight:11.5ozs. Fiend’s… Read more »

Kink Pillar Cranks

kink pillar crank

Kink Pillar cranks have arrived at the shop! I can honestly say they are some of the best cranks I’ve ever seen. They really are proof that lighter and stronger is actually possible with some creative thinking.    

Yeti ASR 5

yeti asr

Here’s another custom Yeti trail bike we assembled recently. This ride is ready for all the rocky high speed descents you can put in front of it.

Fit Ben Lewis Frame

fit benny lewis frame

We often get asked why we don’t stock frames and the reason is that it’s really hard to have the right size/color in stock. We can always special order any frame you want. Ben Lewis likes a real simple set-up, so he wanted his signature frame from Fit to be basic with no gimmicks. This… Read more »

Dakine White Knuckle Gloves

dakine white knuckle

“These fit like a glove” No really these do have a really good fit unlike most winter gloves where you can’t feel your handlebar. Dakine’s White Knuckle Glove features a stretcheable and windprrof shell. 100g Thinsulate for insulation and Clarino synthetic suede with silicone gripper finger tips to pull that lever when needed.

Mutiny Ethereal Sprocket

mutiny sprocket

Here’s a fresh sprocket from the guys at Mutiny, 7075 aluminum makes it a strong ring that should stay straight for a long time. The Ethereal also features 5 bolt holes so you can rotate it to get rid of the dreaded high and low spots in your chain.

Surly LHT w/ VO fenders

surly lht green 2

Surly’s Long Haul Trucker is truly a do-it-all bike. Whether it be nasty commutes to work, weekend joyrides, or a trip across the United States, you can rest assured you will be comfortable and have the compatibility of carrying almost anything you may need. Click here to find out more about the LHT. Note the… Read more »

Bonedeth Handlebars

bone deth bomber bars

Below are the new BoneDeth Bomber handle bars. They are available in a rise of 8,8.5, or 9″ x 28″ wide. Black, grey, raw red, and chrome are the color options!

Replacing DU Bushings

du bushing service

Fox’s Float series of rear shocks are the most popular shock on bikes these days. They are very reliable, but one thing that commonly gets overlooked is replacing the DU bushings. Over time the PTFE coating (orange) wears out, this is when you will start to hear creaks.  Your fancy aluminum reducers will also start… Read more »

King Cage bottle cages back in stock

king cage stainless

King Cage water bottle holders are made in out of a garage in Durango, CO, from all USA-sourced materials. They are extremely strong and will not mar up your bottles! Check this video out to see the making of one.