New Fit Completes!

fit inman 1 green 12'

More 2012 Fit completes arrived a few days ago. There are two levels we have in stock. level 1 bikes feature sealed 3 pc cranks, Sealed 9t cassette hub, sealed integrated headset, and a 25 tooth sprocket to stay out of the way during grinds. These are all features that I would have killed for… Read more »

New bikes at OYLC

noroc valence alloy 1 12'

There’s been some new bike arrivals here in the last few weeks, we have a little bit of everything for any type of cyclist including a demo Kona full suspension 29er’. The first bike is the new Kona Jake which is able to ride everything from city streets with potholes to gravel commuter paths to… Read more »


top of dog hill cherokee park

Riding in Louisville is pretty darn good, wether its cherokee park on the road or Waverly on the mtb.We are also lucky enough to have seasons, Fall is a pretty time of year with all the bright colors, it also means base layers, jackets, knee warmers, gloves, hats and embrocation. The smell of a fire places… Read more »

New dirt rag!

dirt rag 159

Issue 159 of dirtrag features a write up on three kona and three Norco bikes. Stop by the shop and read what the dirtrag crew has to say.

Movement: Columbus, IN

Picture 3

Here’s a short edit from a trip the crew took recently to chicago. Have you ever been on a road trip and the park your riding gets shutdown before your ready to leave? It happened to us on our way to Chicago a few weeks ago so we left after the guard locked the gate… Read more »


Our New Location at NIght

Our new location is 625 Baxter Ave. Just across the street from the old shop. We completed the move Sunday night.  We spent August working nights and weekends to dial it in. Moving of the shop was a team effort, as was the build out.Thanks to all those who helped and to all of our… Read more »

FIT 2012 Complete Bikes

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 5.37.35 PM

Mike, Brian, Eddie, Justin and Van helped design some of the best FIT bikes ever for 2012 – check ’em out!