New Smith Pivlock Glasses

smith piv locks new

New color combinations have arrived for the Pivlock v90,Colors like race green remind me of early 90’s colors with a modern twist, these glasses offer great coverage and weight next to nothing.2 additional lenses, clear and rose. Now you can look a life through rose colored lenses, seriously the color is nice for overcastdays. A… Read more »

Catching up with Marcas

marcas man whip

Head over to the We The People website to read what small town Indiana hero Marcas Grubbs has been up to. Click here to read all about it. There’s even a few unseen photo’s I shot with Grubbs such as the one below.

Shitluck’s new dvd trailer

shitluck screen cap

New Shitluck video is set to be released soon! Lot’s of Louisville locals have sections in here, Shitluck videos are always fun to watch so we’ll let you know as soon as a premiere is set.   More BMX Videos

Ride UK: Duffs trip w/Levan

levan gap

We have the new Ride UK BMX Magazine here at the shop featuring a Duffs bmx trip with Louisville legend Jimmy Levan. The Duffs crew travels down south through Texas and rides some incredible spots. Watch the video below now, but make sure to take a look at the mag next time your in.  

Project Black and Yellow

gunnar tim d 2

We love custom bikes. We can’t say it enough, they are fun to piece together and build up. So the headline kinda gives it away, no foreshadowing here. The goal of this bike is build a comfortable road bike and to make it black and yellow. The chassis is a Gunnar roadie with a steel… Read more »

Drivetrain and pulley wear…

pulley wear

A worn out drivetrain will decrease your shifting performance and if not fixed can make your bike unrideable. Your chain and cassette should be checked for wear often, if not replaced you will experience skipping which can send your knee into the stem(ouch). Chain and cassettes usually need to be replaced at the same time… Read more »

Norco VFR 1

norco vfr 1

Looking for a way to cut back on fuel cost? Ride your bike to work and save . The Norco VFR 1 is the perfect bike for saving some pennies and getting some excersise while enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. The VFR 1 is a perfect bike for the rider who wants the lightness… Read more »

Demolition dvd premiere


This video has been a long time coming and from what people are saying it was well worth the wait. Demolition’s team is composed of a very diverse and talented group of riders. Tech talent from old schooler Dave Osato to new heavy moves from young gun Dennis Enerson will make for a very promising… Read more »

Deal of the week: Fly cranks

fly cranks

New in this week are these fancy cranks from Fly Bikes. A “2.5” axle system creates a good looking and easy crank to install. “D” shape crank arms and a 22mm spindle make an extremely strong crank. These feature a two year warranty. We have these at a great price if your looking for an… Read more »

Fizik test saddles in stock

fizik test saddles

Below is the Fizik Aliante, Arione and the Antares. One of toughest question to answer is” what is the best saddle?” That is an extremely hard question to answer, it’s different person to person. My personal favorite is the Aliante. So If you are on a personal quest to find what works for you  come in… Read more »