New Shimano xt

FEBRUARY 27th, 2009 Here’s Shimano’s XT “Shadow” derailleur, a low profile makes it less prone to being snagged by a ride ending rock or branch. It is also shifts a lot smoother and doesn’t make as much noise.

Eastern Bikes

FEBRUARY 25th, 2009 Check out this bmx frame from Eastern, super light tubing and cut-outs on the bottom bracket, seat, and head tube make for a super light set up. Chrome finish makes it even better.


FEBRUARY 24th, 2009 The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is this weekend, Indianapolis is the host for this years show. We’ll have lots of photos in the following days in case you can’t make it.

One Road Ky House Bill 88

FEBRUARY 20th, 2009 Click this link right now to find out how you can make our roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. HOUSE BILL 88 ”ONE ROAD” will create a new law that allows reckless drivers to be held accountable when a cyclist or pedestrian is hit. Here’s how you can make a difference. You… Read more »

Vicious Cycles

FEBRUARY 18th, 2008 Take a look at this road fork we got in today from Vicious Cycles. The customer wanted it to match his old Eddie Merckx frame, one phone call and an e-mailed photo was all it took to get this fork built and painted up to match. As you can see it’s a… Read more »

Vandessel Rivet with Sram Red

Here’s a new one from Van Dessel, The Rivet is a full carbon race bike and is as light as a feather. This ride is locked and loaded, built using Sram Red with a BB30 bottom bracket, it built up well and will get many miles put on it this spring. Keep an eye out… Read more »