Here’s two new ways to mount your ride essentials permanently to your bike so they’re there when you need them. Backcountry Research have two options to carry your tube/co2/lever/multi tool… either under the seat or tucked away on the frame

FRAME MOUNT: The NEW Mutherload utilizes a dual-shockcord retention system with the versatility and adjustability to mount what you want, where you want it, anywhere on your frame. This strap will flat out stick like “poo to shoe” over the most demanding XC/Enduro race courses and trails anywhere. They literally don’t move! Super lightweight and constructed with rugged materials, you have two choices on how you can have your strap built-up. You can go with the bomber thick sliced Hypalon (in black only) or you can choose to go in style with over 50 patterns and colors to choose from…your call.

SEAT MOUNT: The race strap features super beefy velcro and Overlock that promises your goods stay with you and won’t disappear mid ride.  This is achieved by adding multiple velcro contact points eliminating any chance of your bundle working loose or spontaneously spilling your goodies during gravity checks.
Each and every detail has been designed to deliver what a rider needs. Glove-friendly pull points, innovative dual shock-cord pre-load system, a single-side pull retention system for even quicker access to your goods, and the most intuitive installation you’ve seen this side of a light bulb.