I’ve waited years to film at the park with our own lights. I was sound excited when I found out they were off one night recently. The crew sprung into action by filling a cart with lights at Lowes. We met at the park and quickly found out that the little juice the park lights gave us wouldn’t be enough. No problem, we have 1000ft of extension cord that we can run. So we did and we discovered that we lose amperage over that distance. The lights just weren’t strong enough to ride and film. Gordbandt wasn’t giving up, he drove back to Lagrange for a second time to scoop a generator from home. Once back we fired the monster up and there was light! We started at midnight and rode for about two hours and decided to pack up as we were exhausted. It was a really cold night and I was only wearing shorts, in the end the hard work was well worth it.

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