2019 Scott bikes are continuing to show up to the party. The SCOTT Spark 950 has a super light Alloy frame, a FOX Float shock and fork, a Sram Eagle drivetrain and our TwinLoc Suspension System to always optimize your ride. It’s lightweight, durable, affordable and retains all the great geometry and ride of its Carbon cousins. It’s favorite party trick is the hidden 5mm allen that acts as the handle for the rear through axle, pretty cool feature for those quick trail side adjustments. 2019 models see a few changes from last year… a reduced offset fork changes the handleing characteristics a bit, 2.4″ rekon tires come stock now with the ability to run up to 2.6″, the twinloc lever is refined a bit, and a fender is also included to keep the mud out of your face. We have Spark demos so you can see for yourself just how fast these bikes are!